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A Message from our New Superintendent

Tips for Improving Windows/Chrome Performance

Here are some tips for improving desktop performance:
  1. Always log out of Google and Windows
    While this applies more to staff at the Middle School and High School that share computers, it is a general best practice to completely log off/sign out of Google and Windows for both performance and security reasons.  Logging out forces all applications and processes that are specific to that user to close, which in turn, frees up space for any other users.  We find that many users simply "Switch User," which can lead to poor performance as memory is still being used by other users' applications in the background. 

  2. Close Applications and Tabs when they are no longer needed
    We're all guilty of "hoarding" applications and tabs by keeping them open indefinitely.  Every application, window and tab open consumes memory and even processing.  Chrome in particular is known to be resource-heavy and a single tab can frequently consume over a gigabyte of available memory.  And once your resources have been exhausted, closing open applications and tabs becomes an impossible (and frustrating) task since the computer needs additional resources to actually close/shut down applications.     

  3. Be patient - only click once.
    We've all clicked an app or link multiple times thinking it will open faster.  However, the reality is you are actually sending the same command over and over, which can lead to multiple instances of the application being opened or multiple requests being sent for a URL -- all of which will further delay the program or URL from loading.  In the case of URL's, each time the link is clicked it begins the request process over.    

  4. Disable unnecessary/unused extensions, plug-ins, add-ons and web apps.
    You may or may not have noticed that Chrome installs all extensions, plug-ins and web apps you have authorized/installed on one computer, on all others once you sign in.  While this can be helpful at times, if you have never done any "house-keeping" to remove unnecessary or unused extensions, it can easily overwhelm a computer during the initial start-up process and make Chrome an even greater resource-hog on your system.  The same can occur in the G-Suite Apps if you have too many add-ons and extensions enabled.  

  5. Shut down your computer completely and turn it back on
    Restarting your computer periodically helps close applications and clear the memory but shutting it down completely and waiting about 30 seconds before turning it back on, helps ensure the memory is completely cleared. Occasionally memory blocks may be locked by a program that no longer needs it but for some reason or another, did not release it.  Powering down the computer completely helps clear them along with other processor and hard-drive caches.

Phone System Upgrade

Beginning Monday, February 11 at 4PM we will be upgrading our District phone system and replacing all handsets throughout the District.  We will upgrade one school per day beginning with Jackson Avenue. While technicians may be on-site as early as 10am the day-of (the week prior to and after break) to prep phones, they will not be replacing handsets until after 4pm to minimize disruption.  

Below is the complete schedule/timeline.  With the exception of the Middle School and High School, training will be offered at each school the day that it is scheduled for conversion. 

  • Monday, Feb 11 ~ Jackson Avenue (Completed)
  • Tuesday, Feb 12 ~ Fanny M. Hillers (Completed 2/22)
  • Wednesday, Feb 13 ~ Nellie K. Parker (Completed)
  • Thursday, Feb 14 ~ Fairmount (Completed)
  • Friday, Feb 15 ~ Training will be offered at High School and Middle School
  • Tuesday-Friday, Feb 19-22 ~ High School and Middle School (Completed)
  • Monday, Feb 25 ~ ECDC
  • Tuesday, Feb 26 ~ BOE
Some important notes:

  • During the conversion 4-digit extension dialing will not work between buildings that have been converted and ones that have not. 
  • All extensions will remain the same.  
  • If you had a 10-digit number that callers could reach you at directly, that will also not change.
  • Menus and call-flows will remain the same.  Any requested changes will be addressed after the conversion.
  • If you have voicemail, you will need to configure your voicemail box/message on the new system the morning or day after the conversion.  
  • Please make sure to listen to all messages on the current system prior to the conversion.
  • We will not be adding any new phones at this time. That will be addressed separately after the conversion.


10-Digit Numbers by Location:

Hackensack High School

  • Main Office: (201) 646-7901/7902
  • Guidance: (201) 646-7920
  • Health/Nurse: (201) 646-7930
  • Custodian: (201) 646-7939
  • Athletic Dept: (201) 646-7940
  • Drop-In: (201) 646-0722

Hackensack Middle School

  • Main Office: (201) 646-7842/7841/7836
  • Guidance: (201) 646-7838
  • Health/Nurse: (201) 646-7866
  • Custodian: (201) 646-7852

Jackson Avenue

  • Main Office: (201) 646-7990/7991
  • Nurse: (201) 646-7987
  • Guiodance Counselor: (201) 646-7988
  • Social Worker: 201-646-7986
  • Custodian: (201) 753-7858

Fanny M. Hillers

  • Main Office: (201) 646-7870/7871
  • Nurse: (201) 646-7880
  • Social Worker: (201) 646-7877
  • Custodian: (201) 753-7910
  • School Psychologist/Child Study Team: (201) 646-7997

Nellie K. Parker

  • Main Office: (201) 646-8020/8021
  • Nurse: (201) 646-8017
  • Social Worker: (201) 646-8029
  • Custodian: (201) 646-8026
  • School Psychologist/Child Study Team: (201) 646-8007/8015/8018


  • Main Office: (201) 646-7890/7891
  • Nurse: (201) 646-7883
  • Guidance Counselor: (201) 753-7794
  • Custodian: (201) 646-7894
  • School Psychologist/Child Study Team: (201) 646-7895/7886/7887/7888

Special Services

  • Main: (201) 646-8010

Central Office

  • Lunch Applications/Margie Medina: (201) 646-0349
  • Superintendent's Office: (201) 646-0276
  • Business Office: (201) 646-0295
  • Human Resources/Personnel: (201) 646-1850
  • Payroll: (201) 646-0358
  • Benefits: (201) 646-0356
  • Technology: (201) 646-1853
  • Student Data/Genesis: (201) 646-1852
  • Curriculum: (201) 646-1291
  • Buildings and Grounds: (201) 646-0390


  • Main Office: (201) 353-5782
  • Nurse: (201) 353-5784


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