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Upcoming Changes to Google Classroom

Good Morning,

In preparation for the upcoming school year the Google Classroom team has announced a new Classwork and People page for students and teachers, as well as updates to the Classroom Stream.

The new Classwork page lets you better organize assignments and questions and improves planning. You can group work into units or modules, and reorder work to match your class sequence. This helps simplify the class stream so it can be used as more of a conversational hub. You will be able to sign up for early access to the new features.

Actions to take
If you're interested in taking advantage of these upcoming changes early, you should consider signing up for early access to the new Classwork, People and Settings beta.  General Access to the new Classwork page will be available from August 2018.

Once available, you will also be able to opt-out of using the new Classwork page; this opt-out setting will be available for a limited period of time.

In addition to the Classwork page, the Classroom team has announced the following features also to come this Fall:

  • People Page: We’re consolidating information to help educators and students get to what they need quickly. All information about class members - students, co-teachers, guardians - now appear in the new People page.
  • Settings Page: On this page, educators can control all the settings for their classes, from updating basic class information, to controlling how students post in the stream, to resetting the class code.
  • Stream Updates: With the addition of the Classwork page, the Stream’s purpose can shift to that of a conversational hub where educators can notify their students about upcoming deadlines, post announcements and more.
  • Quiz integration: We’re making it easier to create formative assessments directly from Classroom. Teachers will be able to create a Google Forms Quiz from Classroom, and even lock the quiz for more secure and distraction-free testing on Chromebooks.

Enjoy your summer!

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