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Basic Troubleshooting Steps on a Chromebook

  • Hold down the power button for 10 seconds to restart the device each morning and periodically throughout the day.  

  • Verify you are running the latest version of Chrome by following the steps here.

  • Improving performance on Zoom and Meets

    1. Plug in your Chromebook while using Zoom or Meets to ensure maximum performance. Add a spacer underneath the device to prevent overheating.

    2. Close all other tabs or apps. Having too many tabs open will hurt performance on even more powerful devices.

    3. Remove any unnecessary extensions.

    4. Lower video quality in settings. Google Meets | Zoom: Go to Settings -> Video and uncheck "Enable HD"

    5. Try reducing the window size by dragging the bottom right corner to see if performance improves.

    6. Start meeting with video only. Allow video to connect and stabilize for about a minute prior to enabling audio.

    7. Position yourself near your WiFi router with no obstructions.

    8. If using a mobile hotspot, positioning yourself near an exterior wall or window may improve reception.

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