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Chromebooks in the Classroom

The District has invested significantly in Chromebooks over the past year and a half bringing them to almost all schools in the District.  If you're wondering "Why?", take a look at the resources below.

Currently we use two different models of Chromebooks in the District, the Samsung S3 and the Acer c720P (pictured below). The Samsung Chromebook was one of the first to launch on the market and it quickly made its way into schools because of its revolutionary concept and relatively affordable price tag.  At a slightly higher price, the Acer c720P is a more powerful device capable of running HD quality video and one of the first with touchscreen capability.



Samsung S3 Chromebook

Acer-C720P touch Rt

Acer c720P Chromebook
(High School)


What is a Chromebook?


Why Chromebooks?




Let's not forget about PARCC!! (or for those not familiar with the term, the computer-based replacement to the NJASK that is due to launch at a school near you in Spring 2015).  While our aim is never to teach to the test, we do feel it's important for students to gain experience on the same device they will use for testing.  Since Chromebooks are inexpensive, easy to manage centrally and do not run any real software, they can easily be used for instruction/learning one minute and testing the next with little or no reconfiguration. And students can even test in the same environment they normally learn in, their classroom.  Just another reason why Chromebooks are the best choice for 1-to-1 classrooms today.


Treating your Chromebook with respect


Google Classroom!

You can access classroom here.




Successful Classroom Stories:


For additional resources and information, visit Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything: Chromebooks


Curricular Resources


Resources/Information for Parents

  • Google Family Safety Center
  • CommonSenseMedia
  • CIPA Compliance/Content Filtering
    All Chromebook activity is monitored and logged at all times.  Chromebooks pass through two layers of content filtering (even when off the District network) using a cloud-based content filter designed specifically for Chromebooks as well as the District's primary content-filter (via proxy) to block access to inappropriate and/or offensive content and ensure full compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act.  All student Google Drive accounts are also filtered and monitored using Gaggle's Human Monitoring System.  If any inappropriate or questionable content/activity is found, an administrator is notified automatically and will take further action.  

Gmail Quick Tips and Training

Disabling Conversation View

Confused by how Gmail bundles emails and replies together into "conversations"?  You can disable this feature in Settings.  Click the gear icon at the top right and then select "Settings".  Under the General tab you will find the option to disable "Conversation View".


Labs are special add-ons you can enable in Gmail to enhance your experience and productivity.  To view and enable available labs, click the Settings icon (gear) and select "Settings".  Once in Settings, choose the "Labs" tab.  A few recommended tabs are:

  • Undo Send: A "must-have".  By enabling this Lab, you will have the ability to take back any email you send for a designated amount of time (10 seconds by default).  The amount of time can be changed in the General settings.
  • Auto-Advance: Mirrors Webmail Pro's behavior when deleting an email. Gmail normally returns you to the inbox after deleting an email.  By enabling this Lab, Gmail will automatically advance you to the next email in your inbox after deleting an email.
  • Preview Pane: This lab is automatically enabled for all Hackensack Schools users.  It provides a preview pane to read mail right next to your list of conversations, making mail reading faster and adding more context.  

Creating Contact Groups

To create your own groups for contacts, you will have to switch from Mail to contacts.  To switch, click "Mail" on the left side above "Compose" and then select "Contacts".  In the contacts, you can select "New Group..." and then begin adding users.  To select users from the Global Directory, click "Directory" on the left-hand menu.  You can use the search bar above the list of names to look for users.  To add them to your groups, just check the box next to their name, click the Groups icon at the top that has 3 sillouhettes, and then check off each group you would like to add them to.

Level 1 - Basic Features:

Gmail interface interactive tour

For more resources including advanced tutorials and lesson plans, click here.

Requesting Technology Support

Dear Staff,

Please be advised that no technology issue/request will be addressed unless it has been entered into SchoolDude.  Except in cases of emergency, which are defined as situations where a large number of rooms/individuals are affected or there is imminent danger, no request or issue should be reported via email or phone directly to any technician or myself.  If you do not receive an update on your request within 2-3 days (excluding weekends/holidays), please contact me and provide the SchoolDude ticket number.  **Please note that this does not guarantee your issue/request may be resolved within 2-3 days since there are many variables that can impact how quickly an issue is addressed.
This process is in place for several reasons:  
  • Using SchoolDude ensures there is a record of your request
  • Requests are properly routed automatically to the individual(s) responsible for support of the specific type and location of issue
  • It provides valuable data that we analyze periodically to identify problem areas and balance workload
  • Technology staff is evaluated on how quickly and efficiently they address requests.  If issues are not entered into SchoolDude, this may negatively impact their evaluation. 

There are a few types of issues that should not be reported using SchoolDude:
  • Genesis Issues (including login)
    These should be reported using the "Genesis Staff Support" form at the bottom of the left-hand column of this page.
  • Gmail/Google/Windows Login Issues
    These should be reported using this form: http://goo.gl/YBbz4l
  • Printer Issues
    Toners, drums and service must be requested using the United Business Systems 1-800 number provided on the device.  In some cases, if the issue is due to connectivity, it may be referred back to our technology department in which case you should open a SchoolDude IT Request with "Network Connectivity" as the type of issue.
  • Security Station/Badge Issues (including on copiers)
    These should be reported using this form: http://goo.gl/6Mg5AZ
  • Phone Issues
    These should be reported to Marie Osorio at the Board Office who will then create a trouble ticket with our service providers.

If you are not familiar with SchoolDude or need a refresher on how to use it, please review the attached guide.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Adrian Cepero
District Technology Coordinator


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