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Join Our District Edmodo Subdomain!

Hackensack currently has its own subdomain on Edmodo, allowing us to take advantage of more advanced tools to improve communication and make it easier for you to connect to other staff members in your buildings.  In order to properly access the Hackensack Edmodo subdomain, please update your bookmarks to point to the following link:



Eventually, all Edmodo access from within the District network will forward automatically to the new subdomain url above.  When accessing Edmodo from home, please make sure to use the new link or you will not be able to login.  Please inform your students of this change as well.   


Note: If you currently have an account, the first time you attempt to log-in using the new subdomain it will prompt your for a school code.  I will be emailing the list of school codes to all staff today.  If you do not have an account, visit the subdomain and click "I'm a Teacher" to create a new account.  You must use your District email account when registering.  

Update: Students do not need the school code. They should join a group with a teacher who has associated their account with the subdomain and the students should login through the subdomain, but they will not be prompted to enter the school code.  For HS students using an iPad, there is a small gear icon you can click on and it opens another box where you can enter the subdomain name.

What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a free and secure social networking platform for teachers, students, parents and school administrators.  It can be used in a myriad of ways to extend learning in and beyond the classroom, promote collaboration and increase school-to-home communication.  

Here are a few resources to learn how to use Edmodo:


+2 # Keith 2012-12-28 00:52
I agree with the above comment, the school should really enforce this into the curriculum. Hint. Hint.
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-3 # Evans 2012-12-07 21:29
Love the new site! Great job Adrian, I hope students start utilizing the math resources more, they are great tools to assist with lessons. Thanks again!
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# Maureen Carroll 2012-12-14 10:23
Our students have been busy at lunch time in the HMS Media Center practicing on VmathLive!
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-1 # michele stein 2012-11-30 12:53
I would like the school code to start using Edmodo too, even though I'm at the middle school. Is that a possibility?
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